Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Prayer for Rosary Makers, by Jim Mitchell

Dear Mother Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary,
Be with me, I humbly pray,
As these hands begin to bring to life
This new rosary I make today.

Bless each bead with your precious touch
As it gently falls into place,
So that every prayer that is said on it
May be answered with God's Grace.

Bless these beads and those who pray
And let them feel your touch.
Let their tears cleanse their souls,
The tears we need so much!

I pray, Oh precious Mother,
That your child who takes these beads
Will walk in the footsteps of Jesus
By praying it mysteries.

Let these beads be the ones
That turn the world to Him,
You Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ.
We pray to you and love you.

(Prayer written by Jim Mitchell)

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